Local Education curriculum is taught in Bahasa Malaysia which is the national language, Chinese, English or Tamil. The Chinese and Tamil schools are still government controlled and funded whilst the English schools are private schools.

There are also international schools that use British, American, Japanese Australian and French curriculum

Local Education is cheap but mastering Bahasa Malaysia could be a stumbling block. International schools are expensive but the standards and facilities are high. For your children, you will have to consider the curriculum on offer, fees and distance from home before selecting a school.

The International schools are Garden International School at Bukit Kiara (Phone: 651 8988), International School of Kuala Lumpur (Phone: 456 0522) in Ampang, Alice Smith International School (Phone: 248 3674), Indonesian School (Phone: 292 7682), Australian International School (Phone: 873 33622) and Mont Kiara International School (Phone: 256 2307).